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Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Lenses

If you are considering switching to contact lenses from eyeglasses, or you are already a contact lens wearer, you probably have several unanswered questions. Here is some valuable information about contact lenses and your eye health.

The Importance of Quality Eyeglasses for Optimal Vision

Shopping for eyeglasses can be daunting and tricky. Do you go for a funky pattern or a bold color? How about a thin or thick frame? Amidst these choices, you may forget about the quality of the eyeglasses. Yet, this is the most crucial consideration.

Meet the Summer Look Book!

Sunglasses are an essential medical eyewear device to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and help us practice preventative eye care. A good summer style is essential for everyone, and a great pair of sunglasses always elevates a look.

Update your style with Garrett Leight eyewear - available NOW at our boutique!

Garrett Leight frames are known worldwide for their subtle details and iconic silhouettes. The California inspired brand signifies ultimate style, comfort, and quality.

Update Your Style with Garrett Leight!

Update your style with Garrett Leight eyewear -- available NOW at our boutique!

Healthy Eyes, Healthy You Juicing Guide: Immunity Boosting Juice

Making fresh drinks from organic fruits and vegetables may help contribute to keeping your eyes and body healthy. The health of your eyes is tied to the health of your body.

Why You Should Invest in Sunglasses!

They're the international symbol of summer, and their ability to reduce sunlight can be just as important as the style they add to our lives. Customize them with your personal vision prescription, making them a perfect and essential summer accessory.

Update your style with Celine eyewear - now available at our boutique!

Celine's eyewear showcases meticulous workmanship produced in Italy with the finest quality materials. The Parisian Chic brand creates frames that are timeless, elegant, classy, and unique.

What Shape of Glasses Is Best for You?: Featuring Rectangle Frames

Not sure what frame looks best with your face shape? The shape of a frame is a major factor when picking out a pair of glasses. Experienced eyewear specialists at Tribeca Eye & Health are able to assist you with finding the perfect frame shape FOR YOU!