What is Optos?

Optos is a modern Ultra-widefield retinal imaging device that helps in seeing more of the back of the eye. With this new technology, our doctors are able to see over 50% more of the back of the eye compared to older devices.

At Tribeca Eye & Health, we are able to use Optos to capture much more retina than in an exam when the eyes are not dilated. With dilation, Optos will be able to capture even more, up to 97% of the retina.

Benefits of Using Optos

Using Optos provides our doctors with the most accurate information about your eyes and overall health, which is our aim!


  • Provides a view of up to 97% of the retina, which is more than a 50% increase from dilation only.

  • A retinal imaging device that stores images of your eyes to be compared during your annual eye exam.

  • Early detection of health conditions and most accurate overall health information.

More Featured Benefits

  • Allows you to be aware of the health of your eyes

  • It is safe to be used on children, adults, pregnant women, and even those with 20/20 vision

  • Doesn't result in blurred vision during the process

  • The procedure is painless and very comfortable

  • You have the ability to observe the changes in your eyes over time

  • Allows the images of your eyes to be kept for your permanent record

  • Saves time for patients