Cooper Vision’s Misight 1 Day Contacts Lenses For Teens.

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CooperVision's MiSight 1-day contact lenses for myopia in the age of 8-12.

Helping to slow down the speed at which your child's myopia progresses.

Myopia affects an estimated 5% of preschoolers, about 9% of school-aged children, and 30% of adolescents. Children are more likely to develop myopia if their parents are nearsighted.

As myopia progresses, it can increase your child's risk of developing serious eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment when they are older.

Myopia and nearsightedness, are one and the same.

Cooper Vision’s Misight 1 day contacts lenses for teens Q&A


Myopia is a progressive and irreversible eye disease. Its common vision symptom is nearsightedness or the inability to see distant objects clearly. The underlying cause of myopia is due to the eye growing longer than it should. 




  • When parents have myopia, their genetic risk may be passed along to their children.


Modern lifestyles may influence the development of myopia:

  • Insufficient time spent outdoors
  • Prolonged time spent reading / with digital devices.
  • Poor lighting levels

Are MiSight 1-day contact lenses safe and easy for my children?

  • Clinical studies show that contact lenses are generally safe for children to use.
  • MiSight lenses are safe and easy for children to use.
  • Contact lenses also improved how the children felt about themselves, self-esteem, and ability to perform activities.

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