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Today's contact lenses can be used to treat an array of vision issues, including farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Tribeca Eye & Health is a top provider of contact lenses, helping patients in and around Tribeca and throughout New York City reduce or eliminate their reliance on eyeglasses.

Contact Lenses Q & A

How can I tell if contact lenses would be a good choice for me?

First, a comprehensive eye exam will be able to determine if contact lenses are an appropriate choice for an individual based on their eye health and vision needs. When contact lenses can be used for vision correction, it remains for the patient to decide if they feel comfortable with the idea of putting the lenses in and removing them, and if they can be dedicated to a routine of care that is necessary to keep lenses in good shape and to avoid potentially dangerous eye infections and other issues that can arise when lenses are not properly cared for. During the eye exam appointment, the pros and cons of contact lenses should be thoroughly discussed to aid in the decision-making process.

How long will it take to get used to contacts?

When contacts are first prescribed, there will be a breaking-in period of restricted wear to help the eyes adjust to the lenses. To avoid irritation, it is very important to follow the instructions during the breaking-in period and to wear lenses only for the prescribed amount of time. After the breaking-in period is completed, most people can adjust to the way their contacts feel within a week or two of regular wear.

How will I need to care for my lenses?

Except for disposable lenses which should be thrown away after the specified amount of wear time, contact lenses need to be cleaned using a special solution designed for lens cleaning. Cleaning lenses on a routine basis is essential for preventing eye infections that can cause serious vision problems and damage to the eye. Routine cleaning also helps ensure there are no tiny flecks of dust or grit on the lenses which could cause scratches in the cornea and also increase the risk of infection. When not being worn, contact lenses should be stored in their case for protection. Lenses should never be cleaned or moistened with saliva or plain water.


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