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Vision therapy helps patients with vision function issues to improve vision through special exercises and other therapeutic activities. Tribeca Eye & Health is a leading provider of innovative vision therapy techniques to help men, women, and children in Tribeca and throughout New York City enjoy clearer vision and better eye health.

Vision Therapy Q & A

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy is a series of exercises and activities that have been specifically developed to improve visual function on many levels. One of the goals of vision therapy is to help patients overcome issues that affect their vision or the way their eyes function so they can enjoy better eyesight, ward off vision problems and avoid the need for corrective lenses. Other goals are based on the specific issues a patient is experiencing, making vision therapy a highly customizable solution for an array of problems affecting the eyes and the eyesight. Vision therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years as more research has been conducted demonstrating its potential benefits.

What is a therapeutic eye exam?

A therapeutic eye exam is the first step in any vision therapy program. Therapeutic eye exams use special tests and assessments to evaluate vision from a functional standpoint, and includes evaluations for:

  • tracking
  • fixation
  • visual memory
  • depth perception
  • peripheral vision
  • color perception
  • spatial projection
  • binocularity
  • eye “teaming” or convergence
  • focusing
  • visual motor integration

Other tests are available to evaluate specific issues and conditions that can affect vision, perception, and performance.

Isn't vision therapy only for children?

While many vision issues like strabismus (misaligned eyes) and amblyopia (“lazy” eye) are best addressed during childhood while the eyes are still growing, and visual skills are still being developed and honed, many adult patients can also benefit from a vision therapy plan customized for their specific needs. The first step in determining if vision therapy could be helpful in addressing specific vision issues is to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and consultation.

Can vision therapy improve sports performance?

Yes, vision therapy can be used to improve the vision of athletes, so they're more responsive when participating in their activities and to improve motor control and visual reflexes.

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